Aerial spraying service

We offer the aerial spraying service through our company AeroAgripac. We decided to venture into this new line of business to complete the program to control Black Sigatoka in banana plantations.

To provide this service we count with 3 turbine powered aircraft and 2 Cessna planes, properly equipped with high technology to ensure the environmental quality of spraying. Thereby we increased our attention to banana producers and continue with our innovative feature, as we are the first agrochemical company that offers this service in the country.

Contact us

  Office Address:  General Córdova #623 y Padre Solano
  Airstrip Address:  Pista Amable Calle, vía a Cuenca base (Pasaje)
  Chief Operating Officer:  Cap. Ángel Gómez
  Phone Number:  (593-4) 2560 400  ext. 245 (oficinas)