Agriculture Division

Agriculture Division

Everything for crop protection

This division practically was born with Agripac in 1972, but immediately began to expand to meet the requirements of the diverse crops all over the country.

The Agriculture division has a portfolio of products such as foliar fertilizers, biostimulants, pumps, chainsaws, Ph regulators, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and biological products for agricultural use. It is subdivided into three segments, each of which has a Commercial Manager and a Technical Manager.

The beginnings of the company took place in the Coast region and the first steps were with products to improve the production of the typical crops of this area of the country as short-cycle: maize, soya and rice, as well as cocoa and bananas.

The distribution of new products and research led to the strengthening of Agripac as one of the main providers of the Coast farmers.

The vision we have since our earliest years led us to offer products to the highland provinces, therefore we began to distribute agrochemicals and other inputs for crops such as potatoes.

We have also developed tests to adapt vegetables and became an ally of flower producers.

For plantations in this region we have also made progress in research.

The importance of this crop for the national economy and the scientific challenges it represented led us to make the decision to form this division in the 90s, which operated independently, with a commercial team and a technical team.

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