La Escuelita

In 1994 germinated the idea of offering a training program that would allow professionals, in the diverse areas of agronomy, immerse in the philosophy and work culture of Agripac with two main purposes: to offer our customers a first class attention, focused on their needs and complemented with technical knowledge to contribute to the optimization of our products; as well as provide new job opportunities for young people that would have been specialized in the areas of Agriculture, Zootechnics, Veterinary Medicine, among others related.

It was at this point that “La Escuelita” emerged, a program which in 2014 completed its twenty-fourth Class, and that has benefited more than five hundred people since its beginning.

The call for those interested takes place once or twice a year, depending on the requirement to fill the new job vacancies at points of sale; the demand has increased in recent years due to the rapidly increasing number of Agripac stores nationwide.

The Human Resources Department is in charge of selecting about thirty people among approximately one thousand applications received to join this program. The task is arduous. The goal is to find candidates with professional and personal profiles that ensure adaptation to the philosophy of the company and the business in which it operates.