Maize Plan

Maize Plan

Growth Incentive Program

In 1997 the Maize Plan was created as an initiative of Agripac to improve agricultural production, the program is a credit system that allows us to provide farmers with a complete portfolio of products for growing the gramineae, that is, the seed and inputs such as fungicides, insecticides, pesticides and herbicides, but above all, a close technical assistance for advice on each one of the stages.

Maize Plan is an agricultural development program that seeks to improve the production of this crop mainly for the small corn farmers in the south of Los Rios and the north of Guayas province. The payment of the seed and inputs is done with the harvest up to the amount of the existing debt; the difference is the profit of the corn producer.

The grain delivered to our company through the collection centers and the plant Agrigrain is used to constitute the raw material to produce top quality food for poultry, pigs, shrimp, livestock and pets, through our plant Balanfarina.

Currently about 3,000 corn producers, representing more than 19,000 hectares, are part of the plan through which they receive certified seeds and technology to increase the uniformity of plantations; and also quality inputs.

The final result: a healthy crop with higher productivity. Our customers went from producing 3 hectares to 7 hectares in recent years, improving the socio-economic activity.