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Sowing trust

Our vision is to consolidate the corporate group throughout the Ecuadorian territory, focusing our future in the customers as the base of business success. With this premise, we fulfill the mission to offer complete solutions through the provision of high quality inputs according to our philosophy of permanent service.

Our corporate values aim to comply with a cycle of Social Responsibility beginning with the continuous training of our staff, thus promoting the technical development of our company and ensuring compliance with the requirements of our customers without neglecting our concern for the environment.

Satisfy our customers, fulfilling the specifications of the products and services we offer. Perform our activities considering the sustainable development of environmental resources. Maintain safe and healthy workplaces for our employees, suppliers and visitors.

Agripac is committed to produce, distribute and market agricultural and industrial supplies of excellent quality to meet the requirements and expectations of the market at national and international levels; preserving the environment as well as the health, integrity and safety of the staff; Promoting ethical and moral values ​​for society as a whole.

Corporate Values

For Agripac a healthy business practice involves several factors: therefore, our actions comply with corporate values, which are our guiding principles that orient people in their conception of life, human being, judgments, facts and morality. These values are considered as the most basic and fundamental pillar that must share the employees of the company.

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